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Power-Packed Team

HMG leads the way in event-based outreach. Our workplace thrives on collaboration. Everything we do, we do together. Established leaders and fresh hires work together, with our seasoned associates coaching their newer colleagues on an individual basis. This approach to teamwork puts everyone in position to excel, from the brands we serve to our people and our firm.

Find Major Talent

There’s no denying the influence of the HMG team. Adhering to the fundamental values of professionalism and integrity in all we do, businesses and buyers enjoy service excellence. Our team will help your business reach new heights.

Keys to a Great HTX Management Group Career

We want our people to embark on rewarding careers. We forgo dull training periods in favor of hands-on learning experiences. From day one, our newest team members:

  • Participate in campaign planning and conversations with consumers
  • Engage with managers to create and execute events
  • Challenge themselves to become experts through experiences from which they grow

Coaching Done Right

Our management team is full of experts who know the HMG model because they started on the ground floor, too. These leaders know what it takes to master the skills needed to thrive in face-to-face sales. They readily share that knowledge as they guide incoming team members in learning the ropes.


Our collaborative approach sets us apart from other teams in the industry. In the HMG office, we focus on common goals and support each other in reaching them. We want our people to shine, without competing against one another. One person’s success is a reason for us all to celebrate.

Venture to New Places

Travel is a part of the HMG experience. Each year, our team members have chances to attend:  

  • Regional trainings
  • National conferences
  • Luxurious retreats
  • Much more!  

These trips are one way we say thank you to our people for their commitment to our mission. Even better, we get to enjoy these adventures together as a team.

Networking and Growth

Our firm’s success hinges peoples’ abilities to flourish professionally. That’s why we provide our team members with opportunities to develop new connections with influential people in our industry and in our community. These platforms range from conferences and industry functions to local business events.