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COVID-19 had made some significant changes around the world with the country going through a national lockdown, which meant that there were restrictions on travel and many businesses temporarily shut down. There were a lot of changes taking place regarding the way companies were functioning, with changes to the amount of time they were spending working on various projects, their hours, whether they were working from their office or not and so on.

We foresee a lot of changes concerning COVID-19 in the next six months as well. We, as a company, had to adjust in many ways through this global pandemic. For the most part, we train and communicate with our teams, which is becoming quite challenging as we are no longer operating in the physical office space. To continue our meetings, they are held virtually through Zoom. Even the team nights that we were organizing involved us going out for a meal or bowling or something, which we had to cancel.

We had to start a Zoom game night, to keep up with the restrictions and safety measures, while also building team commodore. As far as the events with our retailer partners go, we put a few new practices in place such as daily health screenings and sanitizing all demo equipment to make sure everyone involved was safe. The great news is that the Government marked us as an essential service, allowing us to continue hiring.

While we are so fortunate to be working, many people and businesses were out of work, but still growing. Over the next few months, we foresee ourselves growing even larger as we are expanding fast.

COVID changed the way that we generally function and forced us to adapt to the new changes. As we focus on direct marketing strategies, COVID-19 has affected our current business operations. Fortunately, we can still conduct business in stores with our retail partners but have to take all necessary safety precautions.

We invested in masks, gloves, hand sanitizers, disinfectants, and other materials, so consumers are safe when trying our clients’ products. We also implemented social distancing regulations and have not had any issues with consumers or retail partners as we implemented these best practices.

As a company, a lot of the work that we handle revolves around communication. With the pandemic, we had to reduce the amount that we were communicating in person, and we had to find alternatives that were convenient and assisted in getting the work done. As the team was not meeting in the office, we have no choice but to use many different platforms to communicate. We use zoom for meetings and free conference for conference calls. We have had to invest in adobe and smart vault to send documents digitally while making sure they were secure as well. When it comes to scheduling we use square appointments and Calendly. All of these resources have allowed us to stay organized and communicate effectively with our team, clients, partners, and applicants.

With the massive changes taking place across the country, we as a company had to learn to adjust. We were working remotely as far as the day to day business operations and team meetings. All of our events are still taking place at various retailers across the country through our pop up shops and trade show style events.

However, there were a few challenges with working remotely. The primary issue was our inability to physically interact with the team. Furthermore, not having immediate access to office supplies was another challenge when we were getting through the process. There are also many distractions when working remotely, like pets and children. We use virtual backgrounds, so we did not disrupt calls. There are a lot of positives as well, like the ability to dress a bit more comfortably, while we are in our own space. Furthermore, it also saves time and money as we do not have to commute to the office daily.

When we are working from the office, we limit the number of individuals entering and make sure to practice social distancing and using sanitizers, which are always handy and available whenever they are needed. We provide our employees and customers all these requirements to make sure they are safe, at every event. We sanitize routinely at all our events and between every customer as well.

We had to make changes to the way we were functioning to match the amount of time we had to stay shut. The number of hours we were working now increased. It makes the process a lot more convenient as we are doing meetings and interviews via Zoom and do not have to be physically in the office and can meet anytime.

We are now using a smart vault, which is a secure platform to send and receive confidential documents in conjunction with various digital platforms we were using before COVID-19. In the past, as we were meeting physically, we would print everything and put it in a file cabinet. However, as we cannot do the same anymore, we need a more secure way of sending and receiving files.

As we are taking as many precautions as we can, we are open to in-person meetings and willing to travel whenever needed. We have been traveling quite a bit, running client campaigns in different markets across the country. Anytime we meet in person or travel, we are sure to practice all the necessary safety precautions outlined by the CDC.

On the off chance that some of our clients are not comfortable meeting us in person, we are open to all video conferencing platforms. We currently use Zoom, GoToMeeting, and WhatsApp, but we are fine adjusting to any other platform. We are also open to taking part in virtual public events and business Expos whenever the need arises.

We are excited to have the opportunity to hire all the recent college grads looking for career opportunities as well as all the other individuals displaced due to COVID-19.

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