Why Merchants Are Switching to Contactless Checkout

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The crisis caused by COVID-19 has resulted in behavioral changes in how we pay for goods and services. The psychological factor of people deeming hard cash as unsanitary, plus the higher risk of transferring germs while swiping cards and handing over receipts, has business owners searching for solutions that limit physical interactions. Contactless checkout is faster, and their advanced security features protect businessmen from counterfeit notes and card fraud. Through years of experience in marketing, HTX management Group, Inc. wants to help you get your goods to your consumers in a sanitary, safe and efficient way. This is why we want to introduce you to Moocho. 

Moocho is an app that allows merchants to offer contactless checkout. It is safe, easy, and rewarding. Customers can link their form of payment through the app and can checkout with one swipe on their phone. The system uses authorize.net so it is extremely secure. The customer also earns reward points every time they use the app. They can redeem the rewards points at participating merchants. The benefit for the retailer is that it increases customer loyalty, frequency of shopping, and basket size.

Moocho does this through in-app messaging, push notifications, and email marketing to drive traffic to various merchants. It keeps customers safe through the pandemic and keeps driving revenue to businesses. The app benefits everyone. Anyone can use it. Moocho keeps a history of all your transactions and the amount you have saved on all your transactions. You can input multiple payment cards. Not to mention you can also pre-load funds. This is a great feature for parents and if you have someone that does the shopping for you.

The product serves its purpose for the customer by being: 


  • Data stored in the cloud: Authorize.net (a Visa company) encrypts all user info, which is never seen by Moocho or our merchants.
  • Cashier never touches your card: You never have to swipe or give a card to anyone who can copy its information
  • Moocho guarantee: Every transaction is authorized and accurate or we refund the full amount, guaranteed


  • Easy to sign up: Our download and sign-up process take less than one minute total
  • Automatic discounts and rewards: Users get full access to deals and rewards straight through the app
  • No wallet required: Users can travel light! There’s no need to carry a wallet anymore when you’ve got Moocho


  • Rewards: Users can redeem Mooches for small, local rewards (like $5 off at the grocery store) or bigger products (like an iPad) from our in-app catalog
  • Deals: Users receive exclusive one-time deals that don’t require any Mooches to receive
  • Missions: Users are given challenges which lead to more awesome stuff when completed

To avail of this facility, download the free Moocho App, enter email, password and promo code: HTXMGMTGRP. Link your normal payment method i.e. credit or debit to be used at checkout. At checkout (go to a cashier), click on the merchant, tell the cashier you are paying with Moocho, and swipe to pay. An amount of five dollars will automatically be deducted and you will start earning rewards. You are NEVER charged anything extra for Moocho! You are only charged for your groceries! Customers can download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store for FREE. Merchants inquiring about how to be featured on the platform can email info@htxmgmtgrp.com.  

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